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When wondering around central Paris, one may not expect to stumble upon a Geek haven filled with sci-fi merchandise, steam-punk design, a time lord inspired ceiling mural, and plenty of geeks playing games, having fun, and drinking geeky cocktails. Le Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde (The last bar at the end of the world... anyone get the Hitchhiker's Guide reference?) is just that place and is located literally a few minutes' walk from Notre-Dame cathedral. This month, from June 3-30, Le Dernier Bar is hosting a Star Trek art show, where the Trek themed art of local and not-so-local artists is on display and even for sale at only 81€ per piece. Check out some photos of this awesome bar and the amazing work on display below.


The art on display was varied in both style and content, celebrating the old and the new with pop art, caricatures, starships, and galaxies. Here is just a sampling of what was on display.

Old Khan, New Khan, Newer Khan


Even when the Star Trek art show isn't on, Le Dernier bar is THE geeky place to be. If I lived in Paris, I'd love to call this place my local bar and show up every night for a Samarian Sunset and a game of darts. Get a load of the decorations! The lighting, the metal steam-punk feel to much of the bar and walls, and the overall ambience of the place makes it a totally welcoming venue. The sci-fi music playing overhead and the movie trailers showing on their big TV screen was a welcomed touch, too. It reminded me, just a tiny bit, of a night out at Quark's.

The bar

Impressive display case of Star Trek goodies just inside the entrance

A closer look at the time lord inspired ceiling

The downstairs seating area where you can chill out and play games

An extended upstairs seating area where you can also play games, or perhaps just sip a latte and relax


Whether you're on vacation, on business, living it up in Paris, or just passing through, Le Dernier Bar is worth a visit, even if you just pop in for a drink. You'll find it easy to get to: it's located just a few minutes walk from the Notre-Dame and the St. Michele and Châtelet Metro Stations.

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  1. Mary
    June 30, 2013

    Why, oh why didn’t we know about this when we were in town?

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